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Together with hundreds of supporters, the Irma Maxey Foundation is moving well ahead on the path to save lives and create a world with less Multiple Myeloma cancer. Our intention is to provide chance for larger number of people to celebrate more birthdays in their life by helping them to stay healthy and well, helping the affected people to get well quickly and survive by helping researchers to find cures to Multiple Myeloma, and to fight back as hard as they can.


The Irma Maxey Foundation is a nationwide, community-based voluntary foundation dedicated to eliminating occurrence of multiple myeloma amongst the people of America in particular and the world in general. We like to assist men and women who are living with multiple myeloma and other forms of cancer to deal with the taxing effects of cancer and chemotherapy. Our goal not only supports the efforts of researchers for a cure, but is also to help men and women gain their sense of self-worth, emotional stability and femininity.

The idea of forming this foundation first came in the mind of young Ronnie Hillman Jr. current player for the Denver Broncos, who as a young man saw the battle going on in his own house between his grandmother Irma Maxey and Multiple Myeloma. The battle was tough and painful not only for Irma Maxey but also for her loving family. From the summers of 2010 to October 09, 2012 each day was a test for the courage, determination and will of Irma Maxey as well as everyone in the family irrespective of age.


Irma Maxey was a strong advocate for family and faith.  She thought the world of her four children: Lonnie Sr., Donnie, Ronnie Sr. and Deidra.  She also adored and doted on her grand-children and great grandchildren.  Irma Maxey taught her children that the most important thing in life was having a relationship with God. She also came to realize that Multiple Myeloma her enemy # 1 was stronger than her.

Despite best treatment by her doctor, looking after and care of the family she passed away to her permanent abode. Upon the death of his grandmother, Irma Maxey on October 1, 2012, Ronnie Hillman Jr;  felt that the best way to honor and continue her legacy was to create a foundation.

Under the dynamic leadership of Ronnie Hillman Jr, the Irma Maxey Foundation will raise funds to conduct research that will help us in better understanding, preventing, and finding cures for Multiple Myeloma. Our efforts will be multidirectional. We will work with the scientific community and the researchers to urgently find the cures for this killer disease while simultaneously we will also make endeavors with the lawmakers to pass legislature for defeating Multiple Myeloma. Multiple Myeloma is not a cancer causing suffering and misery only in America but it is spreading around the world at a fast pace.  We have to urge all the communities around the world to rally and join the fight against this menace.